3D Floating Frame 2-sided display cases available for sale! Frames are available in WHITE and BLACK

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White Floating Frame Display Cases With Fossils

We also sell Chiapas amber from Mexico which is a high quality, very hard amber. We have common insects, rare insects, rough / raw from small to several kilos, small and large carvings, pendants, jewelry, beads

And grape agate from Indonesia available for wholesale buyers or retail on request.

Floating Frame Display Examples In Tray

Floating Frame Frequently Asked Questions

1. How accurate are the dimensions?

All dimensions are approximate.

2. Is there a stand or base?

There are two types of bases. Round base fits all sizes, although is looser fit on size XS frames.

Flat base pairs fit all sizes except XS and are especially recommended for XL frames for stability.

3. Are these temperature sensitive?

We recommend climate controlled storage not to exceed 140 degrees F due to risk of clarity reduction in membrane.

4. How thick are the frames?

All sizes are approximately 0.8 inches thick except extra small which is approximately 0.7 inches thick;

Extra small is a loose fit in the round base.

Wholesale Megalodon Shark Teeth and Other Fossils From South-Eastern United States

If you are interested in wholesale lots of megalodon shark teeth or other fossils (whale teeth, mammoth teeth, horse teeth, etc.), please inquire with approximate order value or quantity of teeth you are seeking. The more you can share about what you are looking for the better, such as qualities and size distributions, which would be helpful for providing a custom quote for your needs.

Fossil Megalodon Shark Teeth Wholesale Lot For Sale Number 1

Fossil Megalodon Shark Teeth Wholesale Lot For Sale Number 2

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It will also include informational articles like trip reports, fossil book reviews, and other fossils related information.

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